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post-title Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Sleeper Sofa

Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Sleeper Sofa

<strong>Factors To Consider When Purchasing a Sleeper Sofa</strong>
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Sleeper sofas are considered one of the most convenient pieces of furniture due to their multiple functions. Given that these sofas can be turned into beds, they help provide additional space where guests can stay and sleep comfortably. Moreover, since they already provide the main functions of a bed and a sofa, you won’t need to buy them separately, paving the way to saving money.

With all the mentioned advantages, sleeper sofas are often a popular choice among homeowners. But despite the variety of options, there are qualities that need to be considered before buying a sleeper sofa. To learn what these are and why they are important, written below are more information about them. 

Size Compatibility

Like any other furniture purchase, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the sleeper sofa. It is a crucial factor because your sofa needs to be proportional to the room or space where it will be situated. There should be enough room for foot traffic, regardless of whether the furniture is assembled as a couch or fully extended to function as a bed. Ideally, the size of your new sleeper sofa should be at least two-thirds of the room’s wall length where it’ll be placed.  

Type of Sleeper Sofa

Another aspect you should consider is the type of sleeper sofa you will be purchasing. There are many varieties of sleeper couches that cater to changing needs, style preferences, and capacity. But like the sizing aspect, it should not only be compatible with the room’s dimensions but also with the space arrangement. If you have limited space, you may opt for a twin sofa bed or a futon. But if you can accommodate a large area, you can try looking into large pull-out couches or sectional sleepers equipped with king or queen-sized mattresses. 


Another factor to check is the quality of the sleeper sofa. Furniture pieces are essential investments, but some of them can be expensive. As such, it is only right that you purchase items made of quality materials that will last for years. This is especially necessary for sleeper sofas as they are both for sitting and sleeping. Their parts should be made of sturdy yet comfortable materials. Some of the components you need to inspect are the frame, joints, upholstery, and cushion fillings. 

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Sleeper sofas are multipurpose items ideal for any setting. But the only way they can serve their functions properly is if you’ve chosen those with qualities compatible with your living space. If you have clarifications or need more advice about buying a sleeper sofa, turn to our reliable furniture experts at Factory Direct Furniture. Contact our office at Panama City Beach, FL for more details about our high-quality sleeper sofas.