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post-title Why You Should Buy Wholesale Condo Furniture

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Condo Furniture

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Condo Furniture

Buying furniture isn’t just expensive, it’s time-consuming and tedious. Furniture shopping is often stressful and usually difficult because you have to navigate your way around a crowded store and fend off sales professionals. Whole condo furniture, however, is more affordable and much easier to buy. Wholesalers are not the same as retailers, who are obsessed with making a profit. Retailers hire sales professionals who earn a commission, which creates a predatory environment at furniture stores that is highly uncomfortable. Forget about the stress and tension of looking for the furniture you need. Turn to wholesale condo furniture to fill up your place and give yourself the space that you’ve always deserved.

How Much Will You Spend on Condo Furniture?

Commercial dining furniture, mattresses, loveseat sets, and other pieces you may need for your condo can get pretty pricey. Add the retail markup, the sales commission, and all the hidden fees, and it’s obvious that you should be buying wholesale condo furniture instead.

In the U.S. in 2015, consumer furniture and bedding spending reached $102 billion. That figure is expected to keep on growing through 2020. That means that people are spending excessive amounts of money on furniture. The National Retail Federation shows that furniture sales during the back-to-school shopping season will reach around $6.23 billion. That’s just for one back-to-school season, and that’s an enormous amount of money that’s being spent on furniture.

And don’t forget about your outdoor living spaces. Commercial outdoor furniture can be pricey, and that can make it impossible for you to get the most out of your outdoor spaces. But with wholesale furniture, you can enjoy being outdoors in Adirondack chairs or other types of outdoor furnishings. One recent study shows that the demand for outdoor furniture and grills in the U.S. will rise 3.7 percent every year until it reaches $9.1 billion in 2019.

Where to Find Wholesale Condo Furniture

Wholesale furniture suppliers are the answer to saving money and still getting the gorgeous condo furniture you want. When you buy from furniture wholesalers or look for factory direct furniture, you avoid all those extra fees associated with commercial patio furniture sets and other retail furnishings. Wholesale condo furniture is so much more affordable that you can buy lots more items for a lot less. This allows you to get beautiful indoor and outdoor furnishings, so every part of your property is enjoyable, attractive, and comfortable. Instead of a loveseat, you can afford a queen sleeper sofa. Wholesale furniture is much less expensive than retail items, and it’s just the smarter choice.

Look for wholesale condo furniture by searching for factory direct furniture. Be prepared to go to warehouses or similar places to purchase your furniture. Remember you aren’t going to a retail store. Wholesale furniture is typically sold out of warehouses so the surroundings could be different. However, the furniture will still be beautiful, cost-effective, and practical. Everything you’ve been looking for can be found at Factory Direct Furniture.