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post-title Tips for Making a Small Entryway Look Bigger

Tips for Making a Small Entryway Look Bigger

Tips for Making a Small Entryway Look Bigger
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The entryway is a portion of your house that is usually noticed first. It often sets the mood and ambiance of your home. As such, it should have an inviting vibe to make a lasting impression on your visitors. One thing you can do to achieve that is to make the space appear bigger, especially if the entrance is small and narrow. 

Ideally, the size of an entryway should be at least two to four percent of the total square footage of your home. But because of certain factors, some houses do not have enough space for that. Luckily, there are ways to turn your limited passageway into a wider and more functional design. Listed below are ways how to do it. 

Put Up Mirrors

Putting up mirrors is a common technique used to create an optical illusion that makes a room look more spacious. If you place them at the right angle, the mirrors also will reflect natural and artificial light, making the room brighter. Aside from that, they add functionality to the space as they allow you to give your outfit one last look before you go. 

Place a Small Storage Space for Clutter

Another tip you can try is putting a small storage space for all your clutter. The entryway is a common area that gets cluttered with objects like umbrellas, coats, keys, and shoes. These things can make a narrow space feel more cramped, so it’s best to store them properly to make more room. You can put a small table with drawers. They do not only help in keeping the area tidy, but they also add aesthetic appeal to your entry space. 

Add More Light

Artificial or natural light brightens a tight space and makes it seem larger. If there is no way to place windows that allow sunlight in your entryway, you can add multiple light fixtures to eliminate shadows. In addition to a single overhead light, you can put recessed lights and even a floor or table lamp. 

Talk to a Reputable Furniture Dealer

These are only a few of the many functional entryway ideas you can try to help make the entrance to your home look bigger. So, if you’re looking for a furniture dealer in Panama City, FL that sells quality items for any functional design you have in mind, reach out to Factory Direct Furniture. Call (850) 203-2381 for more details about our available products.