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post-title Convenience and Cost: Why You Should Buy Bulk Furniture For Your Building

Convenience and Cost: Why You Should Buy Bulk Furniture For Your Building

Convenience and Cost: Why You Should Buy Bulk Furniture For Your Building

Whether you have just built your new hotel, resort, or furnished condo building, there is a reason to seek a wholesale furniture supplier for your building. Below are a few reasons why factory direct furniture in bulk might just be for you.

Cost Effectiveness

For the same reasons that people shop at places like Costco and Sam’s Club, buying wholesale and in bulk will cost less than buying each individual piece of furniture one at a time. The furniture wholesaler would rather know that they are going to unload a large number at a time, rather than getting more per unit. Thus, you save money. Since you save money on the furniture, you can spend that money on something else to improve the complex, or will be able to offer more affordable rent/nightly costs. These can both help your business greatly. A United States Department of Commerce study found that furniture and home furnishings stores sold $9.51 billion in furniture in just June of 2017. Yet, you still do not have to pay a bunch for quality furniture.


Efficiency is meant here in terms of not having to pick out different furniture for every unit in your building. Want each room to have a loveseat? Pick one out. Looking to put Adirondack chairs on each patio? Pick two out and get enough for every unit. Factory Direct Furniture makes shopping for your building more convenient in the fact that you only have to pick one of everything out, and you will have consistent rooms.

After hearing this information, you can now make an informed decision regarding wholesale furniture for your building. Consider calling a wholesale furniture outlet in your area. For example, in Panama City Beach, FL, Factory Direct Furniture prides itself on great customer service while meeting their needs. They serve about 170 different customers in Florida, and they would be happy to add you to their list of already satisfied customers. Testimonials can be found here. For more information on buying furniture in bulk, contact Factory Direct Furniture today.