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post-title Are Sleeper Sofas On The Rise?

Are Sleeper Sofas On The Rise?

Are Sleeper Sofas On The Rise?

When you’re picking out furniture for your furnished condo, hotel, or other commercial application, you want to make sure you’re selecting furniture that will appeal to as many people as possible. One type of furniture that’s been getting more attention from consumers lately has been sleeper sofas and chairs. But what makes these so popular? Why do people want commercial sleeper loveseat and commercial sofa beds in their hotels and condos?

Multi-purpose furniture

With both hotel furniture and condo furniture, you need to get the most out of every piece of furniture as possible. This will help you get the most out of your money while keeping your space flexible for multiple guests to use as they need. Instead of having to fuss with cots or calling dibs on who gets the “good” bed in a hotel room, people can make use of commercial sleeping loveseats as both seating space during the day and as beds in the evening, making your space more marketable.

Space saving solutions

Furnishing a small condo or other rental property can be complicated, as space is often at a premium. Furniture that only serves a single purpose simply doesn’t work as well in smaller rental properties like these; every piece of furniture has to have multiple purposes in order to truly make the most of the space. Commercial rental property furniture like commercial sleeper loveseat helps your guests and tenants make the most out of even smaller rental properties. Rather than having to figure out how to fit both a bed and seating space into your rental space, you can have a single piece of furniture that handles both.

Rising demand

More and more people are looking to furnished rental spaces with certain types of furniture. According to Furniture Today, motion chairs (including recliners, gliders, swivel rockers, etc.) accounted for 8% of furniture sales in 2009. In recent years, sleeper sofas have also seen similar heavy interest, so it’s likely a good idea to incorporate these into your rented space.

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